And 'the intention of this Company to provide the consumer and user of the site connected to it, a clear and comprehensive information on the quality of food products and non-exposed in the online catalog and available for sale.

All goods traded on the site, as information provided directly by manufacturers, are of Italian origin and corresponding to the EU regulations on safety in production and the consumer, use the same high standard for qualifying verification of the applications of the same regulations in the various stages of production and trade.

And 'the prerogative of the Supplier, the trade of food items composed, preserved in salt, brine, oil, sugars and syrups, dry, with fruit and alcohol-based liquids, sauces, creams, derived from fish, beef, pork and all those corresponding to the production of certified regional Italian.

In addition, trade gifts and accessories, even in combination with the above listed products and always original and certified Italian manufacturing of various types, materials and intended use.

At the international level, the control protocols are defined by bodies such as the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), are recognized by the European Union and implemented in Italy only by organizations recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture

These bodies have a duty to follow the production and processing companies in all phases, including:

to improve and maintain soil fertility;
application of methods of protection against pests, diseases and weeds.
in the control of the absolute prohibition of the use of GMOs or products derived therefrom;
in the management of documentation and business records;
in the control of labeling;

As regards the rules governing the marking and the quality of food and agricultural products also do not come from organic farming, such as those marketed by this company, please consult the Regulations EC No No 509/2006 and 510/2006 of the detailed implementation of which have been arranged, respectively, with EC Regulations and n.1216/2007 n.1898/2006.

In particular, Article. 8 of Regulation 510/2006 determines the name, the words and symbols that can be used in marketing of agricultural and food products:

Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

It 'also provided the logo for Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG).

The above terms and their symbols may also appear on the labels of products from third countries, provided that the marketing within the Community must comply with its laws and regulations.

Several of these quality brands of wine are classified as:

IGT (IGT) wines made from grapes for 85% of the geographical area whose name they bear
Designation of Origin (DOC) wines of quality products at a well-determined, whose organoleptic characteristics must comply with the parameters prepared by pre-production. Unlike wines, IGT, DOC ones are to be submitted, prior to marketing, to chemical-physical analysis of a special commission set up by the Chamber of Commerce membership
denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin (DOCG) wines of special quality and value, subject to production rules more stringent than the DOC (dual analysis: chemical, physical and sensory). DOCG wines must be recognized DOC wines for at least five years and be bottled in containers of less than 5 liters, which are secured by a flag State.

The pre-packaged food products must comply with the Community and national provisions relating to labeling for their marketing.

The area is governed by Directive 2000/13/EC, transposed into the Italian Legislative Decree 181/2003 with. The rules apply only to products intended for export outside the territory.

And 'labeling must conform to certain basic requirements such as:

not induce the purchaser into error on the characteristics of the product
not attribute to the product properties for the prevention, treatment and cure of diseases, with the exception of natural mineral waters and foodstuffs for particular diseases, regulated by ad hoc arrangements.

The label must also some indications being compulsory:

the name of the product with the addition of the physical state (powder, liquid, freeze-dried, frozen, smoked, concentrate, etc..)
the list of ingredients in descending order stated as a percentage relative to the amount used and the specific name
an indication of potential allergens
an indication of the maximum limits for the fat content for meat products
the net quantity by volume for liquids and in units of mass in the other
the date of minimum / maximum storage expressed as day, month, year
the use by date and any special conditions of storage and use for perishable goods
the name, address and name of the manufacturer or packer
the place of origin and source of the goods
instructions for use, if necessary
the alcoholic strength for beverages containing more than 1 alcohol, 2%.

For some products require a specific statement of additional information.

The labels must contain the information in a visible, legible, easily comprehensible and indelible in Italian or translated into Italian.

The European Commission has long recommended that the labels of food products, marketed, must be written in an official EU language, provided easy to understand. They are affixed to pre-packaging. Only in the case of transfer to another place to look at this performance, the information can be found on the shipping documents or accompaniment.

Any violation of the above standards for products included in the catalog on the site property of this company may be reported by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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